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Hevea Baby Round Pacifiers

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Hevea Baby Round Pacifiers
Hevea Baby
Price: SG$15.90


-Ergonomic shape, gentle on baby's face
-One piece so very hygenic
-Extremely strong and elastic rubber
-BPA Free
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· 100% natural material, natural rubber (latex)
· Sustainably produced
· Soft material - soft and gentle against baby’s face
· Doesn’t leaves any “sleeping” marks
· Ergonomic shape with plenty of space for the nose and chin
· Natural rubber prevents vacuum around the mouth - Minimize risk of marks and rashes
· Very hygienic - no joints, cracks or edges – one piece pacifier
· Cute and fun designs, for both boys and girls
· Packed in a box of recycled paper and biodegradable materials
· Hevea pacifiers meet the EU standard EN 1400
· Hevea pacifiers last as long as the other types of pacifiers (it is recommended to switch pacifier every 2 month)

Hevea is a modern Danish designed pacifier, which is made of 100% natural rubber. It differentiates itself from all other pacifiers by being sustainable produced. Hevea gives you the opportunity to give only the best to your child while taking care of the environment.

The name "Hevea" comes from the Latin name for a rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis, which grows both in the wild and in plantations. Production of Hevea is sustainable and provides a minimum burden on the environment. Hevea pacifiers meet EU standard EN1400.

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